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System 7

System 7 is a leading London-based digital publishing service provider, and is a long standing component of iiobo. The operation offers an innovative cloud computing platform and associated services for publishers seeking to drive revenues online. The service was founded in 2003 on the recognition that traditional CMS technology and hosting approaches were often ineffective for building high traffic, high revenue, advertising-driven online Web publications...
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Bizzbug is a Web platform offering highly innovative social spaces™ for use in a wide range of applications, ranging from business projects, to personal profiles, to family zones, social clubs and online communities. Iiobo designed and developed the Bizzbug service and the social spaces concept, and is a important stakeholder in the Bizzbug operation...
more [+] is an ambitious mass market "social networking gaming" concept to be launched late 2009 targeted at boys aged 7-14. The site will allow children to acquire, trade and fight their own completely unique virtual monsters that are auto-generated by software within an advanced Flash based RIA environment...
more [+] is a research project pursuing new online publishing models and interactive content and discussion technologies. Through its long standing work with publishers and involvement in commercial online publishing, System 7 has evolved designs and concepts for online publishing that are radically different to those currently in play...
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VisionX is an innovative WYSIWYG rich content editing system for the Web that enables the in-place editing of the content within any designated area of any existing web page. The functionality has been created using the world's first 100% Javascript and W3 DOM editor implementation...
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More details of other iiobo activity coming soon...

What we offer

We are suppliers of consultancy, intellectual capital, and also technical resources like hosting facilities. Just as we innovate in our own projects and work for clients, we innovate in our relationships and regularly take stakes in the online operations we have created for clients.

Iiobo seeks big challenges, which it pursues using deep expertise, experience, passion and technical resource. We always strive to produce something better than what has gone before, and apply this approach both when developing our own technology and services, and we when we partner with clients to help them realize their Web 2.0 objectives.


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Extensible Storage Engine

During work on innovative data storage architectures, iiobo developed extensive code libraries for Microsoft Extensible Storage Engine (Wikipedia has a description of ESE), which we are making available.

Find out more about our C++ and C# code libraries for ESE.